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When securing your cannabis facilities, you can approach it in one of two ways: proactive security or reactive security. Both have a place in a complete, effective security solution.

Reactive security involves a more traditional security system. Something has to trigger the response before the security features are activated. Glass breaking or a breach in a locked door are examples.

Proactive security works to defend both internal and external threats on an ongoing basis. It often works hand in hand with reactive security to give you the best response time to any criminal activity.

Proactive security works to stop criminal behavior before it begins. Reactive security produces security measures after the fact to help you respond to the incident.

An alarm system is reactionary. After a breach, it sounds the alarm, alerting you and the authorities of a potential problem.

Video surveillance provides a visible deterrent to crime, possibly stopping the behavior long before it begins.

Proactive security can help in many ways. It ensures:

  • You aren’t constantly reacting – if you’ve ever responded to false alarms, you know how time-consuming they can be.
  • You prevent breaches before they happen – well-placed video cameras can be a sign of a well-protected facility, stopping criminal behavior before it happens.
  • You catch and prosecute criminals – even if theft occurs, you’ll have better protection in finding the source and holding them accountable.
  • You reduce employee theft – a good proactive security system will make employees think twice before stealing.
  • You improve compliance – in this industry, staying on good terms with authorities can help you grow your business faster.

How can we help?

By partnering with a reliable IT security team who understands the nuances of a cannabis business, you’ll be assured you have robust security features with compliance built-in from the start.

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