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What’s attracting high growth rates in the emerging cannabis industry also leaves many new businesses vulnerable. It’s easy to be wooed by the fast cash and skyrocketing demand without realizing just how challenging business operations can be. While many describe the scene as the “Wild West,” it’s important to understand that federal, state, and local laws change regularly. Keep up, or be at risk.

Regulations spell out a variety of laws already in place. These vary based on location; every state may take a slightly different approach. Yet each state has focused on establishing ground rules to keep the entire production safe, with video surveillance at the heart of the requirements. Where should you begin?


The cannabis business is regulated and mandated, adjusted frequently as the industry expands. You can’t comply with something if you don’t even know it exists. And that can lead to heavy penalties when the authorities find out. Currently, every state has its own internal requirements, with video surveillance rules at the core. Oregon, for example, requires having a continuously recorded 90-day history with a minimum resolution of 1280 x 720 px at 10 fps (frames per second). Are you aware of what your state requires, and when change occurs? Partnering with the right security company takes you out of the loop of keeping up with current requirements.

Fully define your needs

Medical marihuana dispensaries are subject to more regulations than recreational use facilities. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires specific guidelines to track sales and patient information. Get this wrong, and you could be fined for each infraction. Stiff penalties will be dished out for breaches or non-compliance. How are you storing the video files created in your facilities?


Emerging industries can be lucrative when you jump in early. Yet it can also lead to a mishmash of business practices as you respond to new rules and regulations. Instead of piecemealing a security plan together, audit your practices from time to time to ensure you’re continuously implementing the most effective techniques that will lower your costs and resources. Trying to do this yourself on a budget almost always leaves you vulnerable. Relying on a team that stays on top of best practices will allow you to be thoroughly covered at all times, with new tools being implemented as they come onto the market. Is your security approach well thought out?

Growing a business in a new industry will be filled with highs and lows. But one of the easiest ways to opt-out of the riskiest behavior is to build your team wisely, and partner with the right resources. Make wise decisions now as you build for the future. This will help you decrease your risks from the start.

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