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Security isn’t a plug-and-play system. It’s a multilayer process to ensure safety throughout your cannabis business at all times of the day, from all sorts of threats.

Video surveillance involves monitoring a situation, primarily to prevent or detect crime. Through video recording and electronic monitoring, the system offers a level of protection by being visible to all who enter. It typically involves video cameras connected to an IP network or recording device, with feed monitoring built into the platform.

Video surveillance is thought to be the base for security in retail situations. Investing in video surveillance both inside and outside the workplace can help detect criminal activity, vandalism, and other improper behavior. Storing the feed can provide extra protection by giving you visible evidence of said behavior in the event of a loss. It’s not just an added benefit if you run a cannabis business; it’s required by law.

Of course, video is an integral part of any business security system. But there are other purposes.

Access control is defined as the process of restricting entry or exit to specific areas inside and outside a business. It can control who enters the property, and who has access to particular parts of the workplace. For a cannabis business, preventing unauthorized access to certain areas is a great way to thwart criminal activity.

There are many ways to manage access control. Access control is determined by the number of users and their assigned permissions.

While they are often thought of as separate entities, video surveillance and access control can be integrated to provide even tighter controls. By combining the two, you can achieve:

Greater efficiency – combining the two is a great way to streamline your security. Instead of piecemealing together different systems and platforms, the two are integrated, making it easier to learn and control.

Improved safety – with better control comes a decrease in risk. Because you can track everyone who enters, knowing where they move throughout the facility, you can identify risks immediately and put a stop to your weakest points.

Refinement – the more pieces you have in your security process, the easier it is to miss potential problems. Combining both video surveillance and access control gives you a centralized system to help you save both time and money. It makes all data collection feed into one area, giving you ease of mind and ultimate control.

How sophisticated are your video surveillance and access control systems?

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