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Imagine life without your smart device tucked safely into your pocket. We store our lives on these tiny little boxes and rely on them for nearly everything we do. There are several different types of mobile security threats that can lead to disastrous results.

Mobile applications – not all apps are legitimate, and it’s often difficult to tell which are good and which bring spyware and malware to your device.

Web-based threats – you visit a site, and an automatic download loads malicious content onto your device.

Network – if you’ve ever used a public Wi-Fi network, your data is at risk.

Loss or theft – physical loss or theft puts your device into the hands of a potential enterprise that can gain access to everything on your device.

What can you do?

Do your homework. Never download an app without research and review. It’s a sure-fire way to leave your data vulnerable. Don’t use public Wi-Fi networks without a VPN in place. Make this a policy throughout your practice, and provide resources to your employees.

Most devices come with remote access to delete or transfer information. Be sure employees understand what to do if their mobile devices are lost or stolen. Most come with remote access to delete or transfer data.

Update regularly. Always ensure every device is updated with the latest patches for both apps and operating systems. It’s simple, and with just a few minutes of work from time to time, it’ll ensure data security for everyone around you.