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Do you think your company is too small for their own help desk?  Who are you turning to when things don’t work? Help desk features are beneficial for all size companies, forming the spine of IT integration. It can improve productivity and ensure your systems are up to date and secure.

A help desk physically on-site isn’t always the smartest move. Perhaps your office isn’t large enough to account for the cost or it’s not aligned with your company structure. Regardless, your team has IT questions, and not having something in place is holding you back from optimal productivity.

It might be time to consider outsourcing help desk features. Are simple tasks taking more time out of your daily operation than they should? Fixing one problem does not need to be a long-drawn-out affair.

As a rough guideline, Help Desk essentially covers troubleshooting and resolving issues with your existing setup. It is offering IT support when your team needs it.  A help desk is experienced in managing, troubleshooting, maintaining, and upgrading technology tools. When you have an outsourced help desk you can pay for what you need.

Outsourcing your help desk can provide you with:

1) Saves Money

When an IT problem occurs are your employees trying to solve it themselves? Are they searching on Google or calling up individual services/vendors? Chances are they are sitting on hold which means they aren’t getting other work done. Piecing together solutions that might not work. It makes more sense to have a team dedicated to quickly finding a solution and letting them get back to work.

2) Quick Response

Googling and YouTubing answers for something that may or may not help is not the fastest solution. Our IT help desk is fully staffed by US-based IT professionals who are available 24x7x365 via phone, email, or our secure web portal. A phone call way you can be helped with whatever problem you may be having.

3) Highly Trained  IT Support Specialists

Pay attention to the help desk resources you’re choosing. Do they have specialists trained in dealing with systems you use in your office every day? Are they aware of the problems facing the cannabis industry? Are they aware of the rules and regulations you face with your data? Help desks are not all the same. Ensure you outsource with someone who can fully meet your needs.

4) Collaboration & Partnership 

One of the best reasons to outsource various IT functions is the collaborative features that come with it. Your job is not to be an expert in technology. Yet you can’t do your job without it. Doesn’t it make sense to form a partnership with a third-party firm that understands what you do? Technology works well until it doesn’t. For all those times when it doesn’t, consider outsourcing your help desk to ensure your employees stay on track and productive throughout their busy days.

Check out more about the services we offer HERE.

We can help you by:

  • Performing a comprehensive business assessment to determine your business requirements.
  • Designing architecture and developing specifications
  • Assuring your company has the correct expertise in place to manage/support the new unified environment
  • Provide a single point of contact for all your cloud-based IT and telephony needs

For IT Strategy, Cloud Conversion, or Help Desk Services reach out to us at Cannabis Technology Partners 360-450-4759.