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In today’s world, cannabis dispensaries work similarly to other retail presences. You may run a brick-and-mortar shop with in-store experiences. You may set up an online presence to find customers outside your local area, expanding your service area.

You’ve defined your business and set it up to handle your desired experiences. Through your strategizing, you have pieced together a technology system that allows you to get things done.

In the industry, strategizers call this a “tech stack.” It’s a series of technological solutions used to operate your business. No two businesses will ever be the same.

For most, they start frugally, piecing together systems and solutions to get your business operational. You sign up for or acquire tools based on your needs: an analytics program, ordering solutions, point-of-sale, compliance, distribution, marketing. The list goes on and on.

With every need, you find a solution. You create workarounds to get the job done.

And it works. Until it doesn’t.

That’s when it’s time to partner with someone who can pull apart what’s working from what’s not, and establish a better way of operations. It helps you be more productive and, often, save money too.

Better customer experiences

To prosper as a dispensary today, you’ll need to focus on creating a better customer experience. That means an omnichannel approach, giving your customers a chance to work with you in many ways. Can they research your site before they step into your retail location? How are they serviced in-store? What are your follow-up procedures?

Every touchpoint should be strategized. Not sure where to improve or what tools will make your experience better? This is where outside partnerships can help create a smoother experience. Selecting the right technology doesn’t have to be difficult, but you should ensure the best user experience possible.

Surveillance equates to safety

As a dispensary, you’re required to use surveillance by law. Dispensaries face unique challenges that other retail locations don’t. However, a robust video system is more than meeting regulatory requirements. It’s also about peace of mind and enhancing safety for employees and customers.

Don’t hide it; utilize it to its fullest extent.

It’s more than sticking a few cameras in the corners of your space. A fully integrated system can be connected to POS and inventory systems, allowing every action to be tracked and reviewed. Intuitive features can instantly alert you to at-risk events – refunds, voided sales, or spillage. Intelligence tools and analytics features can synchronize every part of your day, from deliveries to transactions. They help you think smarter about what’s happening, allowing you to prevent loss, reduce shrinkage, and spot problem areas long before they escalate.

It doesn’t have to be complex

Growing your business doesn’t mean you need more sophisticated technology. Often, it means reevaluating what you currently use, and finding ways to simplify.

Instead of using three separate systems and finding workarounds to merge the data, what if one system accomplished it all?

Instead of worrying about how your employees were using their own devices for business, what if you had a solid technology strategy in place? One that had specific guidelines for every piece of technology you use.

Simplifying doesn’t mean buying another piece of software or investing in newer, more sophisticated hardware. What it does mean is creating a better plan.

How could you simplify your business this year to make technology operate more effectively?

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