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Are you buying the right technology for your current business situation? Have you negotiated a vendor contract and wondered if you’re doing the right thing? When you started a cannabis business, you had hopes and dreams of helping your customers. The tricky part of operating a business came along with it.

But the questions are getting tougher as you grow. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had backup? Someone to talk with and make recommendations about technology? That’s what a virtual CIO can do.

The role of a virtual CIO

As businesses build their C-suite, they include a Chief Information Officer to oversee an organization’s IT strategy. They take a leadership role to ensure IT aligns with company goals. It includes things like safeguarding and protecting information, implementing technology, and enabling business continuity.

A virtual CIO does all of that at a fraction of the cost. Hiring a CIO takes time, energy, and money as you move through recruiting, hiring, paying, and retaining C-suite talent. A virtual CIO allows you to hire a company or individual to fulfill those duties and responsibilities for a fee. Purchase only what you need. Create a system that works best for you.

It ensures you get the guidance you need with knowledgeable talent without having to keep them on the payroll.

The benefits of a virtual CIO

Adding employees to your roster can be a good thing. They are dedicated to your overall performance, and help you achieve your goals. Yet, for high-level employees, it can be difficult finding the talent you need for a price you can afford as you grow. Investing in a virtual CIO works similarly to how you use a lawyer for expert guidance, or an accountant for tax preparation. You use the best services possible to get precisely what you want and need without onboarding the talent yourself.

A virtual CIO can help you:

Align tech with business goals

Your IT strategy should be aligned with what you hope to achieve with your cannabis business in the coming months and years. A virtual CIO helps you develop an IT roadmap for long-term success. They ensure you have the right technology and processes in place to maximize your overall operations.

Prioritize business objectives

Have you ever purchased technology or systems way beyond your needs? You wind up using only a fraction of what the device or service supplies. A virtual CIO is trained to align goals and objectives, and consistently evaluate new technology and processes to ensure you stay on track. They’re good at providing advice on ways to increase productivity and efficiency, lower costs, as well as mitigate risk.

Remain an independent, objective voice

A virtual CIO is a business owner, too. They understand what it means to provide the best service and stay up-to-date to provide expertise where you need it most. They aren’t tied to your business with a salary. Instead, they consistently evaluate what’s in place and how to do it better. This third-party look at your business can help you pinpoint technology problems you’ve had for years. It’s a great way to understand the big picture and navigate the roadmap effectively.

Is a virtual CIO right for you?

The cannabis industry is evolving quickly. With every new state coming on board, state and federal regulators adjust guidelines and require new legislation for you to follow. Why not ensure you’re up to date, and have an IT roadmap that helps pave the way to success?

A virtual CIO can play a crucial role in helping you meet current needs and plan for a successful future. Reach out today if you’re ready for a smooth future.

For IT Strategy, Security and Compliance, or Help Desk Services, reach out to us at Cannabis Technology Partners 360-450-4759.