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Want to grow your business? Enhance your customer experience. It’s the easiest way to gain an edge in the marketplace.

Customer experience and customer service are not the same thing. Instead, customer experience is about the journey a customer takes from the moment they first meet you through the life of that relationship. It’s about how they meet your brand, what drives them to make a purchase, and what keeps them coming back.

For cannabis businesses, that’s a fairly new cycle, with a lot standing in the way. Federal, state, and local laws all factor into how you operate. You must be attentive when talking about your products and services. You must carefully stay within the guidelines.

Still, it’s what successful businesses strive for. The benefits of delivering excellent customer experiences are many:

  • It improves customer retention
  • It creates stronger brand loyalty
  • It enhances a brand’s reputation
  • It gives you a competitive advantage
  • It increases the lifetime value of each customer

Where do you begin if you’re ready to take your customer experience to the next level?

What matters

Customer behavior is often predictable. They look at price. They want friendly and efficient customer service. They want product offerings that match their desires.

They also care about brand reputation. And they want a personalized experience. The younger they are, the more they’ll demand it.

That’s where IT gives you an advantage. It helps you create stellar online experiences while improving your face-to-face experiences.

A robust website will provide comprehensive information and lead visitors to product information, self-help content, and customized experiences. That same concept can be brought into a storefront through knowledgeable sales help or self-service kiosks. It all depends on the experience you’re trying to create!


There’s a lot to worry about as a business owner. You wear different hats every day. Cannabis businesses have increased tasks because of the regulation behind it. It’s the good and the bad of running a cannabis business.

You need video surveillance for a safer experience – regulation requires it.

You need advanced technological support. Tablets and phones are required for production and sales. They can also enhance the customer experience.

You had reasons why you went into business. Chances are none of them centered around tackling IT issues. In fact, when challenges occur, your frustration levels may have grown to the point where you question everything.

It doesn’t have to be like that.

Managed IT services give you what you need to ramp up your customer experience while keeping you safe and in compliance at the same time.

It can keep clients happy – first impressions are everything.

It keeps employees productive. With the right productivity tools, they’ll be more efficient at everything they do.

It protects you from today’s biggest threats. A simple click on a link can change everything, putting all you’ve built at risk.

It lowers your stress, allows you to focus more on your goals, and gives you peace of mind when you need it most.

Does your IT support a customer experience that can do all that?

For IT Strategy, Security and Compliance, or Help Desk Services, reach out to us at Cannabis Technology Partners 360-450-4759.