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Take a look around you. Everywhere you look, a different technology is in use.

Every employee has a smartphone in their back pocket. POS systems sit near the entrance. You have different methods for every stage of business. And when something goes wrong …

That’s when you realize how vulnerable you are.

To start a cannabis business, you need the standardized step-by-step format used by startups everywhere. But you also need more – because little nuances make cannabis businesses unique.

And that means multiple systems, a wide array of technology, and pieced-together processes to make it all work smoothly.

Until it doesn’t. That’s where a help desk can make you more efficient.

What is an IT help desk?

Chances are you’ve used a help desk in the past. An IT help desk is a person or team that helps you and your employees tackle your technical challenges. It’s there on your timing, available when you need support. It’s handy for off-times when an employee can’t find a solution because key team members aren’t available. This gives you another resource when you need it most.

Whether your staff is at home, in the office, or on the road, IT desk support is trained to offer you a variety of services. However, when an IT help desk is specifically trained to help those in the cannabis industry, it takes your IT help desk experience to another level.

Think an IT help desk is for you? It’s benefited many cannabis businesses. It can provide you with:

Peace of mind

How much time have you wasted trying to get to the root of problems? Have you put in overtime playing catchup after spending hours struggling to find a fix? You do what you do best. An IT help desk takes away the part you don’t do well, and puts it into the hands of a team who knows how to get the job done. They stay on top of the tech industry to be able to offer fixes for anything that comes their way.

Cost savings

Instead of letting your employees struggle for hours with a technical issue, let them find a solution quickly so they can return to their jobs. If an IT problem arises at night or on the weekends, you won’t have to pay employees to spend countless hours trying to fix it. Trained professionals will have the problem repaired quickly.

Top of the line assistance

You only know what you know. Chances are your employees aren’t IT experts, nor do they study to keep up with the latest technology or security advancements. Hiring an IT help desk means you no longer have to worry about staying current. You’ll have trained support to deal with whatever problem comes your way.

Increased customer satisfaction

When technology isn’t working correctly, your clients and customers notice. They complain about slow technology. They get frustrated with anything but a seamless customer experience. Why not give it to them and ensure it stays operational at all times? With an IT help desk a call away, it ensures you’re always there for your customers. They’ll notice.

Preventative maintenance

Do you keep experiencing the same problem repeatedly? Maybe there’s a deeper-rooted problem that you simply don’t know exists. A high-level tech expert can help uncover these issues and create lasting fixes.


Sometimes a “problem” isn’t with the technology; instead, it’s with the user. An IT help desk can offer advice and education on how to use applications, systems, and procedures. They can improve efficiency simply by being there whenever your staff has  questions.


If you’ve been reading these benefits and thinking “yes”, you understand the biggest advantage of working with an IT help desk. It allows you to spend your time on the things you do best. It provides help in the most efficient way possible.

Outsourcing your IT help desk allows you to focus your attention on what’s truly needed, while giving others the opportunity to share their knowledge as well.

Is now the time for you to start working with an IT help desk?

For IT Strategy, Security and Compliance, or Help Desk Services, reach out to us at Cannabis Technology Partners 360-450-4759.