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Douglas MacArthur said: “There is no security on this earth, there is only opportunity.” For you, that might mean starting a cannabis business and growing it over time.

But for enterprising cybercriminals, that quote takes on an entirely different meaning. They see security as breaking through barriers, finding ways in, and discovering hidden opportunity.

Will they find it inside your business?

Threat #1: Inadequate security

You can’t run a cannabis business without cameras and video surveillance in place. If you attempt to piece it together yourself, you risk covering only a portion of your operation, leaving other parts of your business at risk.

The solution is to partner with someone who can help you install a comprehensive surveillance system, someone with experience in the cannabis business who understands your unique needs with compliance.

Threat #2: Missing or weak employee protocols

A solid employee plan should cover every aspect of the work environment, from logging in upon arrival to using passwords and security measures as they work around the facility.

Sometimes, people enter the cannabis industry, thinking it’s a fun, laid-back environment. It’s a heavy regulated industry that should have protocols every step of the way. Have you defined onboarding, the working environment, and security training? The more detailed you make it, the more efficient your business will be. It can start by partnering with a team that can help you put the pieces into play.

Threat #3: Noncompliance

Cannabis is a heavily regulated industry that must adhere to strict government rules and regulations. This is at all levels – local, state, and federal. Add in additional requirements if you handle medical marijuana.

Do you have a team member who monitors new and existing regulations? It’s essential to stay on top of any new rules as they are implemented. Creating a team to do this ensures you’re always meeting stringent guidelines and doing things the legal way.

Threat #4: Cybersecurity

Right now, statistics show that 60 percent of all small businesses fold within six months of a cyberattack. That’s a scary statistic, given that most cyberattacks happen to small and medium-sized businesses.

That’s because it’s difficult to put energy into something as all-encompassing as a security attack. With one simple email, a phishing attack can take down your entire system. One ransomware attack can cost you thousands of dollars – money you might not have – trying to recover. An employee logging in once to a system through a public wifi network can allow an attacker to harvest all of your valuable data.

Don’t think it can’t happen to you. It happens daily. The risk is real. The risk is growing.

How cannabis businesses can mitigate threats to security

It may sound overly simple, but the best step you can make is by taking a first step.

There is no right or wrong approach – security changes daily. The key to a good security plan is to put it into action.

For many, it starts by partnering up with a team that provides all the necessary info you need to secure your business, while keeping costs low for your growing cannabis business.

There is a way for you to stand firm against cybersecurity attacks. It starts with taking a step, and creating a plan. We can help.

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