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How do you define security? Many will say security involves safeguarding assets like facilities and products, but it’s more than that.

Securing your cannabis business means taking a proactive approach to:

  • Ensuring a safe workplace for employees
  • Creating a safe product and retail environment for customers
  • Securing all assets from harm, both internally and externally

Security is essential at every step of business, from production to delivery. Yet security is also one of the most overlooked aspects of setting up and operating a cannabis business.

For many, security becomes an eye-opening experience when a threat materializes. It may be as simple as a notice from a credit card company of a breach – it isn’t a big hit on your business, but it is enough for you to take note. If it’s deeper – a ransomware attack – your awareness may rise quickly, knowing now is the time you take security seriously.

Know your threats

You can’t secure what you don’t know exists. This becomes your best place to start, and also the best place to continually monitor over time. Assess the data you use in your business, where it’s held, and what systems you use to control it. Look at physical risks, including disgruntled employees, organized hackers, and amateur thieves. Look at your operations from every angle. And do this regularly.


In an industry as new as cannabis, it’s important to be in a continually learning state to understand the rules. Medicinal cannabis must comply with HIPAA. Cannabis regulations consistently change at both the state and federal levels. Security is an ever-growing, ever-changing process. You need to learn as a business owner and share your knowledge with employees. They can be your biggest asset in keeping your business secure.

Harden your systems

Security isn’t a “once and it’s done” process. Instead, it’s something you’ll work on every day. Ask yourself, “How can I improve operations and make it a little more secure today” regularly. One percent daily growth will consistently deliver a better workplace and a stronger business. By taking this approach, you’ll discover one process you can improve, then work to upgrade to a better place.

Create “what if” plans

What will you do if a hacker breaks in? What will you do if a disgruntled employee steals from you? What will you do if you face a natural disaster? What if you lose all of your product? These are questions we don’t like thinking about. For some, they rarely do. Yet asking the questions can help you find the answers. It can put measures into place, preventing “the worst” from happening. Because you have a plan in place.

Outsource your IT

If you’re new to the cannabis industry or are a new entrepreneur, you’re likely still working your way through all the hats you’ll wear in the coming months and years. The best entrepreneurial coaches in the world will tell you that partnering with others is the best way to grow. Do the jobs you love, and release those you’re not good at to someone else. With IT, you probably don’t know everything it takes to ensure you stay technologically savvy. Outsourcing your IT makes sense to ensure your business stays secure so you can do what’s best for it.

Are you ready to collaborate?

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