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Have you noticed that more news is being shared about cybersecurity practices than ever before? It’s on the tip of everyone’s tongue.

Yet stories about breaches and cybercrime seem to be rising even faster.

A report put out by BakerHostetler found that the most common cyberattacks experienced by US companies are:

  • Phishing – 38 percent
  • Network intrusion – 32 percent
  • Inadvertent disclosure – 12 percent
  • Stolen/lost devices or records – 8 percent
  • System misconfiguration – 5 percent

Many business leaders admit they are unprepared for this new reality. Phishing and ransomware continue to wreak havoc because it’s easy and it works.

No matter how big your cannabis business is, navigating this new territory can no longer take a backseat. Some of today’s top emerging trends can be utilized within your cannabis business to help make security stronger, allowing you to function easier than ever before.

Here’s what we see as top trends impacting your business over the next few years.

Ransomware is here to stay

Ransomware attacks will remain front and center because of their association with the human factor. No matter how much you put into the infrastructure or how well you train your staff, you’ll always be able to find bad password practices, missing authentication practices, etc. While you might not be able to avoid it, you can stay on top of the latest information and work hard to keep your staff as diligent as possible.

Implement cybersecurity best practices

Security has long since been “someone else’s problem.” Even small businesses have pushed the security task to one person or a small team, assuming they will get the job done. No more. This isn’t a “one person” problem or even a “one software” fix. Instead, security has become something everyone must buy into and get comfortable with. Security policies are more critical than ever.

Invest in employee training

Every system is vulnerable. Cybercriminals are showing no signs of letting up. Because humans are the weakest link, it will continue to be the most susceptible part of your cannabis business. We often assume cybercriminals are simplistic, one-person operations that are out to earn a quick buck. Not true. Cyber attackers are becoming increasingly more sophisticated, looking for bigger wins every time. Your best course of action is to keep your employees well trained, with short updates continuously throughout the month. You can never provide too much training.

AI adoption will continue to grow

There’s no denying that all trends point to using AI in every aspect of business. From production to sales, your cannabis business will run more efficiently through AI. We’re also seeing AI attached to many of today’s top security tools. It will continue to play a part in detecting crucial network breaches, picking out anomalies humans might miss. Zero-trust architecture is becoming increasingly common in every approach to business. If you haven’t seen AI participate in your security practices, it’s time to take another look

Be transparent about cybersecurity practices with customers

There used to be a time when customers relied on business owners for more information about products and services. Today, many customers are just as knowledgeable – they do their research well. As data leaks continue to surge, instead of downplaying or hiding them, it’s crucial to have a policy for transparency. Honesty is the best policy – consumers demand it. Clearly state your policy up front, then follow up in case of a breach. This is where a solid plan can help you every step of the way.

Bottom line

As the world becomes even more digitized, cyber risk will remain at the forefront of all business practices, including cannabis businesses. With more sophistication in cyberattacks, protecting the human factor has never been more critical.

If you want to reduce your threats, staying on top of emerging trends will ensure you’re best prepared for whatever comes your way. You can’t avoid it, but you can prepare for it. It doesn’t take sophistication or high investment in security practices. What it takes is ongoing work and never-ending dedication to keeping your systems as safe as possible.

How are you preparing for what’s coming your way?

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