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Take a good look at your customers as they walk through the door. What do they want?

You operate a retail cannabis business, so it seems obvious. They want products.

But it’s more than that. They care about reputation, too. They expect a certain service level. They notice what’s happening around them. Microsoft polled customers on technology and found that 91 percent of consumers would stop doing business with a company because of outdated technology.

How old is your technology?

What is old technology?

Outdated technology (often legacy or obsolete) refers to software, hardware, programming languages, services, or practices that are no longer used. You know you have outdated technology if:

  • The third-party vendor is no longer in business.
  • New versions are available, and your version is no longer supported.
  • A competitor’s product is clearly better.
  • Disruptive technology is taking its place.

Have you ever said, “It’s not broken, why fix it?” It’s easy to do. You have a lot going on. Why spend time on something that isn’t a problem? Short answer: it’s putting you at risk.

It’s time for an upgrade to improve operations and better meet your business needs.

Replace outdated software and hardware

Time and money are being wasted on old, outdated software and hardware. Instead of taking a “when it’s broke” stance, create a schedule instead. If you’ve noticed it’s affecting your productivity, or you’re creating workarounds to meet your demands, it’s time for replacement.

Consider cloud applications

Cloud software reduces maintenance requirements and improves many aspects of business operations. It provides scalability, which means you can grow easily and access the services you require without a significant overhaul. You won’t have storage issues; the third-party vendor handles that. You’ll be able to work from anywhere, as your data will be available from any device. It won’t be dependent on hardware, which means it cuts down on risks of viruses, threats, and malfunctions.

Improve business communications

Think you can do it all with your handheld device and a few piecemeal third-party systems? Think again. A seamless communication tool ensures your cannabis business stays connected and compliant. It provides things like business email, chat, and conferencing solutions. It also ensures advanced security, keeping all of your data secure.

Better security

It’s possible to prevent malicious activities before they damage your data. Yet many business owners take more of a “wait and see” approach, then deal with the outcomes after an event. Cybertheft is a problem as we move forward. It isn’t an IF situation anymore – everyone is impacted in some manner. Your job is to strengthen every approach to stop problems before they escalate.

What’s your IT upgrade approach?

Upgrade wisely to ensure you get the most value while minimizing risks. By prioritizing enhancements that boost efficiency and reduce potential setbacks, such as the ones listed, you’ll propel your cannabis business forward with smoother operations and improved outcomes.

For IT Strategy, Security and Compliance, or Help Desk Services, reach out to us at Cannabis Technology Partners 360-450-4759.