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Cannabis businesses are more than simple retail stores. They have many different aspects that make them complex business entities. That can make picking the right technology difficult at best.

Consider what your infrastructure must include:

  • Computers, wi-fi, POS, and inventory management systems to operate the retail functions
  • Websites, e-commerce, live ordering systems, and delivery functions for online sales
  • Robust inventory, sales, and tracking programs to help maximize ROI
  • And let’s not forget about reporting and compliance

While many small businesses start with simplified systems, if heavy growth is in your future plans, a simple spreadsheet isn’t going to cut it.

Where do you begin?

Computers and other devices

At the heart of your system will be connectivity. Different devices allow you to function better, and help you stay mobile as you move throughout your busy days. Tablets and smartphones may start out as your base system. Adding accessories such as barcode scanners can help you with efficiency. A strong wi-fi connection will help keep everything operating. A POS system allows you to track everything from beginning to end.


The number one concern for every cannabis business is to comply with federal, state, and local laws. This is an ever-changing issue as the industry keeps refining. Don’t rely on simple systems built for other industries. To ensure full compliance with recreational and medical product lines, it’s best to select technology that is built with these ideas in mind. A cannabis POS system can do everything from helping with inventory to providing full audit histories of your transactions at any time.


What is your ROI? How well are you tracking your bottom line? Not only do you have to track your inventory for compliance purposes, but also to assist you in making better business decisions. Product has a shelf life, and if it sits around too long, it costs you money. Do you have full visibility from growing to the final sale? The right programs in place will ensure you can review your numbers at any time, and ensure they fit in with your goals.


Let’s not forget the growing need for security, both with your physical product as well as with your data. While one simple system may make sense for a small retail location, is it setting you up for failure due to vulnerabilities for employee fraud, or for easy access from outside criminal activity? What good is a system if you continually fall behind?

Business isn’t just working with the parts you love. It involves building a system that provides full coverage, for every aspect of what it takes to operate.

Whether you’re just starting your cannabis business, or are experiencing growing pains dealing with vulnerabilities, the best place to start right now is to partner with experienced professionals with ideas and solutions.

What questions can we answer for you?

For IT Strategy, Security and Compliance, or Help Desk Services, reach out to us at Cannabis Technology Partners 360-450-4759.