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Love it or hate it, technology is here to stay. It touches everything we do, and will only grow stronger as the years roll on.

That may be the last thing you wish to hear as you sit in front of your computer, frustrated and wondering how to fix whatever you’re having trouble with.

Google has become the fix-all many people turn to. Have a problem? Google it. It’s an easy way to find many solutions.

Except when it isn’t. If you’ve ever spent countless minutes rephrasing your questions, you know that Google isn’t the “help desk” many think it is.

There’s got to be a better way.

There is.

Help desk services are designed to cover troubleshooting your biggest IT problems, and resolving any issues you may have with your current technological setup.

Select a help desk service that also has experience with cannabis businesses, and you further refine the help available. Send an email or pick up the phone, and you’ll have your answer without spending more time rephrasing your Google input.

What would help desk services offer your cannabis business?

24/7/365 support

Have you ever noticed that your biggest questions don’t occur on a weekday afternoon? Instead, they happen late Friday night after everyone has checked out for the weekend. Your questions don’t stop at five o’clock. Why should your support potential?


Having a help desk service on your team doesn’t mean they sit around waiting for you to call. Instead, they gather information every day and during any technical problems. They use this information to help resolve future issues quickly and prevent problems before they occur. They run performance reports to monitor systems and hardware to pinpoint problematic problems before they occur. This allows you to fix or replace on your time, not in an emergency.

Problem resolution 

Have you noticed that when one team member has an IT problem, it becomes a company problem? Everyone around them is suddenly involved in trying to find a solution. That can waste valuable time when your employees could be doing other things. With a help desk service just a phone call away, your employees will have a resource to check in with rather than asking other employees if they can help to find a solution.

Industry expertise

You know your business well. What you might need help understanding is IT. It may even frustrate you. By relying on a help desk team, you’ll have access to people who love technology and have made it their business to stay on top of the latest and greatest information. Have a problem? Chances are they’ve helped others fix it. And they can lead you to the solution faster than you could ever do on your own.

User provisioning

How many people have you hired? How many people have quit? How many vendors have had access to your systems? How well are you monitoring this behavior? A help desk provides identity management to ensure accounts are promptly created, changed, given proper permissions, and deleted. This creates a more secure work environment that puts you at reduced risk.

Do you see services that could help you run your cannabis business more efficiently in this post? This is just the start of the IT support available to you. If technology has been giving you a headache lately, now is the time to bring in a partner to help. It’s a solution that will be there when you need it most.

For IT Strategy, Security and Compliance, or Help Desk Services, reach out to us at Cannabis Technology Partners 360-450-4759.